Results and Report: "The State of Motivating Salespeople in 2017"

Participate in our annual “The State of Motivating Salespeople” survey for 2017

How to incorporate behaviors and 'soft' metrics into sales contests

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High performing sales teams are twice as likely to be using activity, coaching and sales performance management software

Survey Results and Report: "The State of Motivating Salespeople in 2016"

Modern Sales Performance Management is all about ACTIONS, not OUTCOMES

"Comments" are now "Details" in competitions!

Can you build high performance sales culture in regulated and sensitive industries such as banking and healthcare?

Will we need salespeople in 2030? Yes, sales isn’t going anywhere, and here’s the stat that makes me so sure.

New Feature: View your Sparta competition schedule in your Outlook calendar or Google Calendar

Being a sales manager today is an impossible task. The future is bright though.

Managing sales teams in the era of #winning

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Here's your template for dealing with underperforming sales reps

Sales Coaching Is Broken - Here's Why

"The Trophy Generation": Managing salespeople when everyone wants to win

Participate in our annual “The State of Motivating Salespeople” survey

New Feature: Sparta launches goal setting support for sales teams to supercharge performance within sales campaigns and competitions

The impact of sales force engagement on rep turnover, quota attainment and sales performance

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New Feature: "Star a competition" to collect all your favorites in one place

New Feature: Custom fields for gathering more data in your competitions

How to bulk-add users to your organisation by uploading a CSV file

Announcing custom branding for your Sparta organisation

Using sales competitions to execute upon and follow your sales playbook and methodology

What's holding back the business gamification industry?

Sparta launches new website

Sparta Product Update: 11th of September

Sparta Product Update: 25th of August

Sales Gamification and Millenials: A Winning Combination

Expressen conduct 20% more meetings per month with the help of Sparta

How Vårdassistans, a recruiting company increased their outbound calls by 17% during their latest sales competition

How Netigate used Sparta competitions to drive a 24% increase in Q1 sales

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Deeper Competition Statistics, Insights and Reporting in Sparta

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3 powerful tools you should be using to achieve your sales goals

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Why sales gamification software is finally ready to go mainstream in 2015

Sales Managers - here are 3 ways to avoid the January "Sales Hangover"

Sparta featured on the Hubspot sales blog!

New Feature: Export Activity Log to Excel/CSV

Welcome Erik Johansson (ex-Spotify) to our engineering team!

New template: Cash-template (compete based on deal value)

New feature: Re-run and Clone competitions in Sparta

Why does Vattenfall, one of Sweden's biggest companies use Sparta to drive sales?

Why are salespeople fascinated with The Wolf of Wall Street?

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With sales competitions, winning isn't everything

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The Most Effective Types of Sales Contests: Part 1

Don't forget to have fun during your sales competitions!

New Features, Fixes and Tweaks: Sparta update July 18

The best sales teams still use leaderboards. Here's why.

Motivating sales people is no longer about carrots and sticks. Here's the evidence.

Competition Inspiration: Who can close the most deals in the first meeting?

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Introducing Sparta 2.0!

FindCourses Global AB increase sales by 12% after introducing Sparta competitions

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Sparta Goes Global!

Sparta, live on stage at #stingday14 and #seedcamp in Stockholm!

The 3 keys to running successful sales competitions

Welcome Yi, the latest Spartan to join the clan

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Sales Motivation: The Good, the Bad, and the Ugly

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The Biggest Problem For Sales Managers, And How You Can Fix It

Sparta is expanding - Welcome Maximillian!

The best sales teams still use leaderboards. Here's why

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