Results and Report: "The State of Motivating Salespeople in 2017"

Posted by James Pember on 3/2/17 6:10 PM

For the third year in a row, we surveyed over 200 sales managers, sales directors and VP Sales to gain insight into sales management heading into the mid-part of 2017.


We focused on coaching, competitions, compensation, training, motivating salespeople and where we, the sales management industry are heading, and most importantly - how we can improve our future!

It’s no surprise that the sales management landscape is changing. You’ve probably heard about these “millennials” taking over our workplace and placing higher demand on management to “engage them” . Think what you want, but it’s a real trend and it’s something that as a leader, you must deal with.

The new breed of salespeople are different, and this difference must be accepted in order to drive high performing sales organisations in 2017 and beyond.

Remember, what worked before won’t necessarily work now. If you’re sales culture isn’t built upon continuous feedback, recognition and praise and incremental progress - you risk being left behind. Too many organisations are still running old-school sales teams focused more on the stick than the carrot.

These new demands mean that sales is changing, and how we motivate, manage and build sales teams needs to change with it.

With this short report, we aim to highlight some of the ways in which sales management is changing, but also touch on some of the area’s where we are clearly lagging behind and where there is room for improvement.

The report is split into 4 sections:

  1. Motivating Salespeople - what works and what doesn’t?

  2. Sales Coaching

  3. The use of Sales Competitions as a Motivator

  4. The Future of Sales Management



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