Competition Inspiration: Who can close the most deals in the first meeting?

Posted by James Pember on 7/8/14 1:12 PM

One thing I really enjoy about running Sparta, is seeing the creative ways that our customers use Sparta to run exciting competitions. There are really so many possibilties when it comes to sales competitions! Some of our clients are competiting on poaching from competitors, others track behaviors/activities and some track the total deal value. 

One of our customers is currently running a competition to see which team member can close the most deals in the first meeting. Essentially, if you manage to get a signed deal in the first meeting - you earn yourself 10 points. 

In my mind, this is a really smart sales competition because it really drives reps to keep their sales cycles down, crucial for deal flow and keeping momentum up. 

What kinds of unique competitions do you run in your organisation? Let us know in the comments or on Twitter!


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