Deeper Competition Statistics, Insights and Reporting in Sparta

Posted by James Pember on 3/17/15 4:37 PM

Today, we’re super happy to announce that we’ve launched the first iteration of our Statistics, Insights & Reporting features to the Sparta platform. 


At it’s core, sales is a numbers game. For most of us, sales is not rocket science, it’s just about activity levels. The more customers we interact with, the more people we prospect with and the more sales opportunities we create, the more likely we are to succeed. 

In order to drive activity, we (the sales leaders) create competitions and campaigns, in order to drive focus, energy and excitement around a goal, activity or product. Competitions drive activity levels, we all know that.

However, the big problem is that sales competitions are usually conducted on whiteboards, in spreadsheets and over emails. This means that whilst we all know competitions work, we’re not always 100% why they work, or how they impact the results. 

As you know, Sparta is out to solve this problem, to help you run better sales competitions, and to help you build a culture of performance within your team. 

Today’s launch is our first step in helping you and your team get more insight into your sales competitions, sales campaigns and sales process, in order to help you optimise them, and drive even better results and sales culture as a result. 

The statistics are simple and easy to understand, yet like the rest of our product, the feature taps into recognition and competitive spirit in order to drive results and focus around a campaign.

Questions we want to help you answer with this release:

  • How do I/we compare to my peers, and the company average?
  • Which days are our most successful, during a sales competition? Should we run shorter or longer competitions then?
  • Which KPI’s drive the highest activity levels during a competition? 
  • Are we building momentum or losing momentum?
  • Which members of my team are finishing strong? Who is losing momentum, and who should I focus on coaching this week?

How do I get started?

If you're a Sparta customer, simply visit any of your active or ended competitions, and you’ll find the Statistics tab, right there next to the Leaderboard tab.

Otherwise, schedule a demo with us to see how Sparta can help your team

If you have any feedback at all, please get in touch with me, and I’d be happy to talk about the feature, or just our product in general!

James and the Sparta team.

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What is Sparta?

Sparta is an end-to-end sales performance solution that helps you coach, train and drive your team into higher performance.

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