How Eniro increased sales by 40% by using Sparta sales competitions

Posted by James Pember on 5/26/14 5:29 PM

Eniro, one of Scandinavia's biggest and most well respected sales organisations recently ran a large 3 country, 75-person sales competition using Sparta. After just 3 days, they had increased their sales results by 40% and saw a real boost in competition participation, morale and spirit. Read on to find out more! 

The Challenge:

Katarina Lind and the Eniro team were looking for an easier and more effective way to run their cross-country Nordic sales competitions - which involve 3 countries and over 75 sales reps. 

The Solution:

Before Sparta, the team were using a combination of Excel sheets and Facebook groups to run their sales competitions.

Eniro wanted a product that solved their 3 major problems with running competitions - time, visusalisation and transparency. 

1. Time

Katarina and her managers were spending a lot of time on checking results, building Excel arks and making sure all reps were submitting their numbers on time.

2. Visualisation

In addition, they were visualising the results in Excel sheets, which don't quite drive the real-time competitive spirit they were looking for. 

3. Transparency and Reporting

Lastly, their competitions were lacking a real-time transparency, given that the results and standings were often delivered to reps with a time-delay, meaning the results were often out of date. 

In order to solve these problems, the Eniro Print team implemented Sparta in order to run their sales competitions. 

The Results:

After 3 days of using Sparta, the Nordic Print Team increased their sales by a whopping 40%, in just 3 days!

In addition, the Eniro team felt that Sparta competitions gave a real boost to team morale, competitive spirit, focus and of course fun! 

Katarina Lind, Nordic Print Manager at Eniro had this to say about Sparta: 

"If you compare this competition with competitions we've ran in the past, I would say that the biggest difference was that nearly all salesreps were involved in the competition and could be inspired by the realtime results. 

The reps could easily compete with others nearby and also hold individual competitions between eachother. In addition, the best salesreps got all the attention they deserve by sitting on the top of the leaderboard.

Most importantly, we increased our sales results by 40%. All in all, very fun and inspiring!" 



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