Expressen conduct 20% more meetings per month with the help of Sparta

Posted by James Pember on 5/21/15 3:46 PM

On the 20th of May, Expressen were recognised as the "Swedish Sales Organisation of the Year", at the Stockholm Media Awards. We're super proud to not only have Expressen as a Sparta customer, but that we've also helped contribute to their success. 

Since impementing the Sparta sales gamification platform, the Expressen team average 20% more booked customer meetings per month - a fantastic achievement! 

"Sparta helps keep the Expressen sales team on their toes and helps us keep a high pace and energy at all times. We've increased our average number of monthly conducted customer appointments with 20% since implementing Sparta"

Paul Brandenfeldt - Director of Ad Sales at Expressen/GT/Kvällsposten

Topics: customer success

What is Sparta?

Sparta is an end-to-end sales performance solution that helps you coach, train and drive your team into higher performance.

Create sales competitions, set collabarative team targets and inspire your team to crush their goals! 

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