High performing sales teams are twice as likely to be using activity, coaching and sales performance management software

Posted by James Pember on 6/23/16 11:12 AM

I was digging through the 2015 State of Sales report last night, put together by and I came across some very interesting stats. This will be a short post today, but are my key 2 takeaways.

Takeaway #1: High-performing sales teams embrace technology to ensure success.

  • Activity Management: 82% of high-performing sales teams are using or planning to use an activity management solution, compared with only 51% of low-performing teams.
  • Sales Performance Management: 76% of high-performing sales teams are using or planning to use a sales performance management solution, compared with only 40% of low-performing teams.
  • Sales coaching: 66% of high-performing sales teams are using or planning to use a sales coaching solution, compared with only 42% of low-performing teams.

Takeaway #2: Adoption of sales coaching and performance tools are anticipated to grow by 108% over the next 12 months


Given the stats above, and the fact that high-performance teams are proven to be better adopters of sales tech - the growth of the performance management software industry will be rapid. 

It’s now pretty clear - technology is a critical part of running a high performance sales team. CRM is a no-brainer, but don’t expect CRM to help you build high performance culture. Coaching, goals, competitions and activity management are table stakes for the best teams now. If you aren’t using these tools, or planning to, you need to start thinking about it.


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