How Netigate used Sparta competitions to drive a 24% increase in Q1 sales

Posted by James Pember on 4/15/15 8:00 AM

Netigate is Europe’s #1 provider of customer survey and customer insight software. Netigate is today around 75 people strong, and has a presence in the Nordics, UK and Germany. They have over 2000 happy customers in over 40 countries, including some of Europe’s biggest enterprises such as Electrolux, Casio, Deloitte and DB Schenker.

Like many software companies, Netigate is extremely sales driven, and in saying that - extremely competitive too (remember, the best sales teams always are!). We all know the power of sales competitions and gamification, so it's no surprise that Netigate are big on competitions and run them almost monthly. 

Like many companies though, Netigate lacked a way to design, launch and manage sales competitions that were easy to use, easy to implement and most importantly - excited and engaged the sales reps.

Before Sparta, Netigate relied on spreadsheets, whiteboards and custom-generated reports to run their campaigns. The results were often distributed on a weekly basis, meaning the competition results were sometimes out of sync with the real time sales floor numbers.

This behaviour was time-consuming and too manager focused. Remember, sales competitions are about delighting and exciting salespeople, not sales managers!  


The way we are selling is changing rapidly and running a sales organisation today requires that you look at incentives, motivation and compensation in totally a new way. Sparta brings a new level of excitement, momentum and transparency into our sales motivation initiativessays Tobias Thalbäck, CEO at Netigate. 

Introducing Sparta into Netigate

Tobias Thalbäck, formerly a VP of Sales and now the CEO at Netigate, was looking for a way to inspire, motivate and drive their sales team to higher success in Q1 2015.

Netigate were in a strong position heading into March, but wanted to make sure Q1 was a huge success, and an all time high for the company, in terms of bookings.

Together with Tobias and his sales management team - we put together a sales competition for March, with the goal of driving collaboration, competitive spirit and excitement, so that Netigate would storm home in Q1 with fantastic sales results.

The “March To The End Of Q1” Competition

Like many best-in-class SaaS companies, Netigate have built a sales organisation built around specialist teams.

They have a Sales Development team, who prospect, qualify leads and book meetings. Their Accounts team meet those qualified prospects and close deals. Finally, their CRM (often called Customer Success) team make sure customers implement their solution and also work on renewals and upsells.

To make sure the competition engaged the entire company, all 3 teams were included. Each of the teams had their own metrics. For example, Sales Development were awarded points for bookings meetings, Sales were rewarded for closing deals and the CRM team were awarded for booking upsells and renewals.


Compared with February, the sales organisation in March delivered strong results. What's most exciting is that all 3 teams performed, and delivered better results than the month prior.

  • 50% more booked meetings with prospects

  • 24% increase in sales revenue

  • 19% increase in upsell/expansion revenue

The team are now looking ahead, and are looking at posting even stronger results for Q2, with the help of Sparta’s sales gamification platform.  

“We are very happy with the outcome, our salespeople really love Sparta and we are already now planning for our next competition” says John Kjellquist, Sales Manager.

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