How to incorporate behaviors and 'soft' metrics into sales contests

Posted by James Pember on 11/9/16 9:00 AM

Results, we all want better and improved business results. More sales, more profits, happier customers. However, do we ever sit back and reflect on how we will reach those results?

--> The reality is: actions drive outcomes. Behaviours shape our results. 

The problem? Sales teams rarely track, measure, incentivize and reward sales reps for performing actions, or following the right behaviours. We reward results, not input. 

If you truly want to change behaviour in order to drive results -> you MUST start measuring and rewarding those desired behaviours. 

Remember, what get’s measured gets done, and what gets rewarded gets repeated!

You can’t blame your sales reps for not focusing on core behaviours when they aren’t being measured or rewarded for them.

What actions and behaviours should I be measuring?

Anything that you believe leads to increased quality and quantity in terms of activity levels. I’ve met customers who strongly believe that sales reps who STAND at their desk instead of sit have BETTER phone conversations, which leads to more qualified prospects, which leads to more opportunities in the pipeline, which finally results in more revenue on the books at the end of the quarter. 

If you believe this, instead of telling your sales reps they need to increase pipeline - reward them for standing up every morning instead. 

You may think it sounds silly, but I guarantee you it works. Remember guys, ACTIONS DRIVE OUTCOMES. 

How to use competitions to drive actions and behaviours

Many companies are now building sales competitions/contests around soft values, as opposed to hardcore sales KPIs and results. I think that’s a very smart move. Sales isn’t rocket science. If you increase the quality and quantity of inputs, the outputs will improve accordingly. Simple. 

Here are some of the best soft values I’ve seen tracked in sales competitions:

  1. Read an article about selling: 1 point
  2. Help a colleague with a sales opportunity: 2 points
  3. Write down your goals at the beginning of the day: 1 point
  4. Challenge a colleague to a duel: 5 points
  5. Get a “NO” from a customer (get clarity on pipeline): 10 points
  6. Stand up at your desk all day: 50 points
  7. Went to the gym before work: 10 points

If you’re skeptical and thinking, “my sales reps just need to focus on closing business” - then I challenge you re-think your strategy. Sales, regardless of industry is all about inputs, actions and behaviours. Measure and reward actions and you’ll see an increase in your outcomes - I can almost guarantee it. 

I’ll leave you with the classic Aussie anthem by Paul Kelly that sums up my thoughts on this topic perfectly: “From little things, big things grow".

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