Friday fun: Motivating salespeople with marbles!

Posted by James Pember on 9/19/14 1:52 PM

When we talk to investors and journalists, they often ask us "who are your competitors?".

The answer may surprise you. Our biggest competitors are not CRM's or Sales Support software. Those systems aren't (read: shouldn't be) used for sales competitions. Those tools are for sales organisation, not sales motivation. 

Motivating and energizing salespeople doesn't require Pipeline Analysis, Forecasting or Key Accounts At Risk. I'm not saying those things aren't important (we obviously use those things and a great CRM here internally), but they don't motivate performance, in real time.

We've talked a lot about motivating sales people on this blog, but I thought I'd share a photo with you here today. It was taken on the sales floor of a Sparta customer today.

Each time a sales reps hits a "booked meeting milestone", they fill up their plastic pipe with marbles. It may sound and look silly, but visualsing improvement and results is one of the key aspects to keeping salespeople motivated, energized and on their toes. 

This is how most sales companies are motivating their teams today!

Now, lucky for us - this customer has now started to use Sparta to motivate their teams, but it's important to always remember that - motivating salespeople is not just about reports, dashboards and analytics. It's about keeping things simple, keeping things visual - and remembering to have fun


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