New template: Cash-template (compete based on deal value)

Posted by James Pember on 11/12/14 1:18 PM

Today we're super excited to launch our "Cash Template", which gives you the ability to create competitions where sales reps input deal values or amounts into Sparta - so you can create contests to measure the cash value of the accounts your reps are closing.

Whilst we're big fans of driving and rewarding sales behaviours - we've written about it before, but basically - if you want to win more deals - you've got to motivate and reward the behaviours that actually lead to more deals.
However, we understand as well that sometimes - you just need to measure the money! 
To get started, simply click the Create Competition button, and choose the cash template, as you can see below.
From there, the create competition form looks pretty much the same as the old activity-based one, except that instead of weighting activities with points - you simply choose the "deal types" you want to run. Of course you could just choose one - "sales", but if you want to split up the deals into various categories i.e. "new business", "renewals" or "expansion revenue" - you can do that too. See my example below.
From there, you also can support multiple currencies, or just one currency. The default is USD, but to add a new currency - simply find it in the dropdown menu - then click the Add Currency button, where you can either support your new currency and USD, or you can remove USD by first selecting your newly selected currency as the default, and removing USD. For now, we're supporting a limited set of currencies, but will expand it over time and based on customer demand. 
Once you've created your competition, everything works exactly the same, except that, instead of logging activities - you're sales reps simply input the deal value everytime they close an account! 

Anyway, we're super excited about this template - it's been heavily requested by our awesome customers! 
If you have any questions about the template, or Sparta in general - do not hesitate to reach out to me. You can tweet to me (@jamesepember) or send me an email.  

Happy selling :) 
/James and the Sparta team

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