Sales Gamification and Millenials: A Winning Combination

Posted by James Pember on 7/15/15 9:54 AM

Whether you prefer to call them "millennials" or "Generation Y," those individuals born in the 1980s and 1990s will represent the dominant chunk of the workforce by the year 2025, meaning that even if they don't make up the main body of your sales team now, they undoubtedly will soon enough.

You may find, however, that traditional motivators don't seem to work on your millennial salespeople. Fortunately, there's a relatively new technique that can massively motivate this particular demographic -- sales gamification. Let's look at why and how gamifying our sales processes can spark new levels of interest and competition among our millennials.

First and foremost, millennials depend heavily on constant feedback, for the simple reason that they've always had it. Interactive electronic resources, in the form of games, online bulletin boards, wearable technology and the amount of today's social media channels have all programmed this generation to expect an immediate positive or negative response to just about every action they take. Sales gamification gives them that feedback, whether it's the awarding of points for a closed sale, a badge for hitting the next level of performance or a loud alarm that lets the whole team know that they've just met a critical quota.

Millennials have sometimes been characterized as lazy, and it may seem to us that they do indeed need a good kick in the motivator from time to time. But first we have to understand what will motivate them to a higher level of activity. Traditional extrinsic rewards such as bonuses, higher commissions or prizes may not have as much of an impact on this generation. Instead, millennials are known for placing a high value on intrinsic rewards such as personal growth, intellectual prowess and social success. Sales gamification celebrates each achievement as an important step forward "in the game" and lets "players" enjoy some public recognition among their peers for a job well done.

Fortunately, modern sales technology has made it easier than ever to drive gamification, improve sales management and create more transparency and accountability among millennial employees. These sophisticated platforms pack serious power underneath that fun, exciting exterior. The latest generation of gamification technology makes detailed metrics available so you and your millennials can see just where they stand, where they need to improve and what's working for them. Gamification also supports traditional strategies such as sales competitions. We know sales competitions work, and millennials have a finely-honed competitive streak. Why not integrate the competition within the gaming environment?

It's up to us to adopt current sales strategies and technologies that mean something to our current (and future) workforce. So our advice is -- let the games begin!

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