Sparta Client Success #1: Mobilio Sweden (Schibsted Media Group)

Posted by James Pember on 4/11/14 8:18 AM

We're currently in a really fun phase here at Sparta. We're starting to pick up momentum here in Sweden and are now working with 15 fantastic sales orgnanisations across the country. 

With that in mind, I thought it would be time to take a more in depth look at one of our clients and see how sales competitions have helped them increase sales performance and enthusiasm. 

The Client : Mobilio Sweden

Mobilio is a mobile phone and contract comparison website aimed at helping consumers find the best deals for their mobile phones. Mobilio is a part of the Schibsted Media Group - one of the biggest media companies in the Nordic region. 

Mobilio have a sales force of around 15 people selling mobile phone contracts to both consumers and businesses. They work mostly with inside/tele sales and of course are running competitions to increase energy, motivation and results on the sales floor.

Like most sales organisations, they were using a combination of whiteboards, CRM's and Excel sheets to drive competitions. 

The Goal: 

"To increase sales within a particular product segment and to drive increased motivation and energy on the sales floor."

The Mobilio team were looking to drive increased sales in a particular product segment but always struggled to really build momentum around that. When we met Mobilio, their sales management told us that it was difficult to consistently drive the reps to perform certain behaviours, and they relied on constant email updates and team meetings to make sure it was always top of mind. 

In order to solve this issue, Mobilio are now running a competition using Sparta - whereby the sales reps are rewarded with points each time they sell the desired telephone and contract. 

The Results

"Sparta has really helped build a competitive atmosphere that the salespeople can feel all around them. It's absolutely improved our sales results and more importantly, increased their enthusiasm for coming into work!"  - Mathias Söderqvist, Sales Manager at


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