Sparta Product Update: 25th of August

Posted by Anders Hassis on 8/25/15 12:28 PM

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Today, Sparta is taking the next step, by helping organisations using the popular CRM take advantage of Sparta’s easy to use gamification solution.

Gamification platforms such as Sparta solve these problems by incentivizing salespeople to enter high quality data into the CRM, so they can be rewarded and recognised by their peers and managers during competitions and campaigns.

For more information, read the full press release here about the integration.


However, the team has been hard at work with all these updates.

  • New "Organization management" page with new UI
  • Error handling messages should be more concise and actually explain the problem.
  • When removing and adding teams and prizes, added a proper button
  • Better information on our FAQ page
  • Invitation Link had an issue with copying on iOS Safari
  • Hidden the sign up button if not coming from a invitation link to avoid confusion for users
  • Updated all frontend libraries with major performance boosts
  • Remove time placeholder for "Joined competition time"
  • Integrate statistic page into leaderboard tab
  • New UI to user profile management with tab functionality
  • Inline calendar view when setting date range when creating competitions
  • Database query optimization (Leaderboard data, dashboard competitions)
  • Bug: Disable edit cog on Leaderboard About Tab if comp has ended
    Bug: Disable editing of the start date when modifying a competition
  • Bug: Statistic page had a javascript error which prevented users from seeing it
  • Bug: Some users couldn't see some of their comps in dashboard
  • Bug: Statistics information on the leaderboard should be full-width
  • Bug: Public leaderboard crashes when visiting
  • Bug: Visiting a Salesforce competition that has ended results in JS error

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What is Sparta?

Sparta is an end-to-end sales performance solution that helps you coach, train and drive your team into higher performance.

Create sales competitions, set collabarative team targets and inspire your team to crush their goals! 

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