The difference between good and great salespeople

Posted by James Pember on 2/10/16 9:38 AM

I was part of a sales workshop / training event last night, hosted by Mikael Arndt, one of Sweden’s most popular speakers on sales - and his session last night on Goal Setting was fantastic.

I wanted to share his thoughts, ideas and methodologies around setting goals. They absolutely resonated with me, so I’m positive you can get some value out of them too.

Now, before I start, I know that this “self-help”, “positive mindset” and ”choose-to-be-great” talk can be a little cheesy, and a little bit cliche. However, the more I think about it - and the more I analyse the sales reps I manage, my own performance and the customers I work with daily - the more I see the pattern emerging.

What makes great salespeople great?

According to Mikael, the great ones choose to be great. They are ambitious, have lofty goals and prioritize their focus 110% on hitting them.

Mikael advocates a concept he calls the “Top 10” list, where you write down your Top 10 goals in life, every day. Goals can relate to work, your personal life, things you want to buy, places you want to go. It doesn’t matter. Then spend 30 seconds on each goal, visualize yourself hitting it. All in all, you won’t spend more than 15 minutes per day on your goals. However, the impact of those 15 minutes could be enormous.

Studies show that:

  • Individuals are 40% more likely to achieve their goals if they are written down
  • Goal achievement improves with 80% if progress towards goals is shared weekly with a peer, colleague or family member.

It’s no surprise then that people who take the time to plan, visualize and focus on their goals have a higher chance of succeeding.

Look around your organisation. I’m prepared to bet that your top performers are hyper goal-orientated.

Those that aren’t - get them started with writing their Top 10 goals down every day.


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