The Most Effective Types of Sales Contests: Part 1

Posted by James Pember on 8/13/14 10:04 AM

We’ve spoken about it before, sales competitions are a great way to energise, motivate and drive your sales team - and there’s little doubt that competition is one of the best tools available to a sales manager.

So, you’ve decided to run a sales competition, but what do you measure?

Calls, pitches, deals, cash?  

Well, there are a number of different routes you can take here, so I thought I’d run through a couple of the most common competition templates over a couple of posts.

First up, using competitive to drive specific behaviours.   

1. Use competition to drive specific behaviour(s)

Let’s face it, as a sales manager, you know what metrics lead to more cash in the bank. For some teams, it’s each rep banging out 100 calls a day, for some teams it can be “new opportunities created” and for other teams it can be up-selling existing clients.

Once you’ve figured out which metrics you want to drive, have your team compete based on those behaviours, as opposed to “number of deals” or “total sales”. This will help your sales rep’s focus on what’s truly important - irregardless of whether it’s smashing the phones or qualifying leads. 

A great example of this is one of our clients, a mid-sized Swedish company that sells kitchens to fast food chains and restaurants. They have a team of roughly 15 sales reps whose job is to sell new kitchens to these restaurants. 

Now, here’s where it gets interesting. Each time the company sells a new kitchen, they also have to “buy back” the old kitchen they are replacing.

Over the years - they’ve accumulated an inventory of old kitchens worth around a million dollars. 

When we got in touch with this company, their sales director was looking for a way to get sales reps to focus on selling the second hand kitchens in order to get rid of old inventory, but of course - increase revenue based on those older kitchens. 

Now this company is running a sales competition where the sales reps are awarded points each time they sell an old/used kitchen. Last time we spoke, we heard sales of used kitchens were up and the team had a newly-sparked focus on this product group. 

Well, that’s it  - the first way you can use competitions to increase results on your sales floor. In the next post we’ll go through another type way to use competitions - to drive team work and camaraderie.

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