The Most Effective Types of Sales Contests: Part 2 (Team Based Competitions)

Posted by James Pember on 8/14/14 10:19 AM

In the last post, we talked about one of the most effective types of sales competitions - competitions that drive new (or desired) behaviours. In this post, I want to talk about another common, but powerful sales competition - one that drives team work and camaraderie.

Whilst you want your sales team to have a killer instinct and winner culture, it’s also important that your team knows how to work together to achieve goals, and that all of your sales people understand how important cooperation is. Remember, your team is only as strong as your weakest member! 

So, here’s the problem: one-on-one competitions are great at driving killer instinct and a winner culture but don’t necessarily promote cooperation and team work. The best way to achieve both of these goals on the sales floor, is of course with team based competitions!


Team based competitions also help to solve one of the biggest issues that sales managers have today with competitions - momentum. Often, a couple of stars will hit the lead roughly mid-way through a competition. These sprinters become very hard to beat, and managers often see a drop in momentum from those who are middle-of-the-road and below, believing they no longer have a chance to win.

Now, this is a big problem, because whilst the top performers are critical to your success - increasing output from the “middle/core” performers is what actually moves the needle forward for a lot of sales teams. In a team-based competition - you can keep the momentum up for longer because even mid to low performers can still play a valuable role for their team - and can also have a feeling that they can “win”. 

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