This one image sums up why sales motivation is so important

Posted by James Pember on 4/1/15 8:53 AM

I'm speaking at a few conferences during the spring, so I've been spending my evenings watching conference talk after conference talk on YouTube, just to get some inspiration. Whilst watching one talk entitled, "Stop Selling, Start Closing", a truly interesting slide popped up, that excited me so much I thought I'd have to blog about it!  

The speaker made reference to a sales training poll, in which 1200 salespeople on LinkedIn were surveyed on the question of "In which area would you like to get more training?"

37% of respondents noted they wanted more help and training with regards to staying motivated and attitude. Note that only 6% felt they needed additional product training. 

For most of us, sales is not rocket science. Attitude and motivation play a huge part in sales succcess and our salespeople are screaming out for help. You may think your salespeople are motivated, but I'm positive you can really move the needle by focusing more on behaviours, engagement, attitude and competitive spirit. 

I snapped a screenshot of the slide, and you can see it below: 


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