How to incorporate behaviors and 'soft' metrics into sales contests

Posted by James Pember on 11/9/16 9:00 AM

Results, we all want better and improved business results. More sales, more profits, happier customers. However, do we ever sit back and reflect on how we will reach those results?

What can salespeople learn from Nike, Coca Cola and Apple?

Posted by James Pember on 11/1/16 8:00 AM

The Harvard Business Review (which by the way, is probably one of the only publications that consistently writes amazing content on sales - I do recommend subscribing) recently published an article entitled “The Best Salespeople Do What the Best Brands Do”, in which the author argued that the exact same traits that make the world’s most recognisable brands great - are also what makes the best salespeople stand out in the crowd. 

Should salespeople keep a daily journal? 

Posted by James Pember on 10/25/16 8:00 AM

I came across a fascinating blog post the other day, in which author Manny Alamwaladescribed how he increased his own personal focus by using a daily sales journal. Check out the post here: “How one SDR built a sales journal to take control of his day”.

How sales managers should be thinking about having more fun at work!

Posted by James Pember on 10/13/16 1:11 PM

How much time do you as a leader spend thinking about fun? Is your workplace fun? Do you have fun at work? What the hell does fun have to do with anything? 

📈🐘😨When are my sales targets too damn high?

Posted by James Pember on 8/29/16 8:49 AM

If you’re remotely into goal-setting, you’ve probably read about the concept of “Stretch Goals”. Stretch Goals are audacious goals that inspire innovation and creative thinking in order to achieve it. However, setting unrealistic goals can have disastrous impacts on team performance. Read on to find out why.

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