Why does Vattenfall, one of Sweden's biggest companies use Sparta to drive sales?

Posted by James Pember on 10/31/14 11:30 AM

We love to hear great feedback and results from our clients, so I was especially happy yesterday to receive word from Adam Pålsson, Sales Manager at Vattenfall, that they would extend our agreement and work together for another 12 months. In addition, we got some fantastic ROI back from Adam, so I wanted to share that with everyone here on the blog. 

I caught up with Adam briefly and asked a few questions about him and their experience with Sparta so far. 

Hey Adam! What is your role within your organisation? 

I am the a Sales Manager with Vattenfall, and I am responsible for the Telemarketing departments and specifically for driving the sales results up. 

How did you run competitions and motivate the team before Sparta?

Before Sparta, we exported data from our CRM and used Excel to administer and display the results. 

What effect has Sparta had on your team and why did you invest in Sparta?  

Sparta has given us a boost in motivation and sales during competitions, due to the real-time aspects of Sparta. In particular, sellers who have a competitive edge, have stepped up and now perform even better than before. The main reason we invested in Sparta is to access an effective and easy-to-use tool to drive increased sales. 

Would you recommend Sparta to other teams


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What is Sparta?

Sparta is an end-to-end sales performance solution that helps you coach, train and drive your team into higher performance.

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